Being a Super Hero is not an option…!!!!

So I have a question today? I mean my mind has a question only I can’t really decide what to say in reply. Does truth really sets you free? Does it? Does knowing what is real makes thing better? Does it makes you fight easily and get through the war more comfortably? Or does knowing truth makes it more painful and difficult?

I don’t know what really it means when they say “truth sets you free”. I wish there was someone I could ask. Anyhow, how does it even matter to me? I mean I already know everything, the whole future thing. People say they can’t see future, I say bummer I can. Haa!! But seriously, why do they truth sets you free?

Today for some reason I was thinking of this guy who liked me but i had to say no to him. Now that I think of it I think I did him a favour, I saved him from years of misery. I’m a super hero you know. I really do save the day only people don’t see it. dammit!

Sometimes I wish I had a person I could sit with and talk to, but I can’t. Not that I don’t have people to talk, I have an army of awesome people ready to listen to me and give me my I-am-in-pain-save-me hug only I can’t talk. Sharing is like stirring up a silent pool of muddy things, it takes time for it all to settle and till then all you crave for is to shake it up and spill it out every day, every second. While at first it’s good, it is, but then it starts leaving strain on you and everyone you have included in the pool.

Also, not every story deserves a listener. Some of us have no option but to hide the Peter Parker  inside us and wear the mask, even in-front of people who know us.

Hmm…This is boring…Lying and hiding makes life so much fun.

7 thoughts on “Being a Super Hero is not an option…!!!!

  1. I could go either way on that question….so many times that the truth has made all of the difference – and an equal number of times that I wish that I could turn back the clock and never know….

  2. There are two contrary sayings – ‘Ignorance is bliss’ and ‘the truth shall set you free’. Both describe how people can react to situations but for me ignorance has never meant bliss because my gut always knows when something is wrong and so my imagination works overtime coming up with scenarios that are all about the worst possible options.

    Once I face up to the truth though, even if it is bad, I discover that it’s never AS bad as what I was imagining. So then I do what I have to do and after a while things get better. But that can’t happen until a) I’ve faced ‘the truth’ and b) been forced to take action to fix things.

    To me the very worst possible way of living is to stay in limbo.

    • Dear Meeka i know ignorance cant make things easy and knowing the truth helps us fix things…only sometimes when its not fixable truth makes no sense.. i dont know…maybe knowing does helps us getting mentally prepared for whats coming…am so confused 😛

      • Let me give you an example. My Mum died when she was 80 but from about the age of 50 she was afraid of getting sick and dying. In fact she was always thinking that she was sick even when she wasn’t. So the truth was that she was just getting older but fear robbed her of 30 years that could have been a lot happier if she had not been so afraid.

        The truth really could have set my mother free. But all of us let fear rule us to some extent. Fear of the future, fear of sickness, fear of not being loved, fear of not being admired, sometimes even fear of not liking /ourselves/. Yet when we face those fears they tend to shrink down to a manageable size.

        -shrug- At least that is how I see the world.

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