She has a happy place…!!!!

She is angry

But can’t tell,

She wants to stop

But all she does is swell

With so much rage

Like a bird in cage

What would she do?

She tries to think

If she got to go

Far away

To a beautiful day

She can’t move

She has nothing to prove

So she stays

Dreams and prays

She has a happy place

You are free she says

Closing her eyes

She likes to build

A world where she can fly

Where there is no word like goodbye

Tears of joys

Fills her heart

Oh boy!

She shouts

As she flies high

As she touches the sky

She know she can’t stay

At a place away

From the pain

But she likes the rain

Of happy thoughts

Even if it’s for awhile

She gets to smile

She has a happy place to go to

She whispers

You can fly and be free too

Singing alone in her cage

She calls the happy place a bandage

To hide her broken bones

Dangling and grown

Out of her control

Making her fall and roll

Here and there

Every day she tries to race

To her happy place

Every day she falls back hard

There is no escape

So she stitches dreams to give them shape

Of a world she wishes for

Of freedom she can have no more…!!!!




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