No Saturday night this week…!!!!

Saturday night is usually my party  night with my laptop, but tonight im making an exception. How was the PLL and Pj party? Will tell tomorrow.

Leaving you guys with pics from yesterday and today. Goodnight World zzzzz…!!!!

Little waiting while her friend is trying to make Pasta

not 5 out of 5 but still delicious

after staying awake all night, we went for Badminton and found this boy. Little was jealous because Little hadn’t slept.

Waiting for the coffee

Once my favorite coffee, this good looking thing was a disappointment today

Little likes mirrors


4 thoughts on “No Saturday night this week…!!!!

  1. 🙂 have a news! my husband started watching….GLEEEEEEE 🙂
    so funny,he is laughing all the time.. and of course he falls asleep before seeing a whole episode.. so of course I am watching 3-4 episodes.. and then he’s like : “you don’t even want to see the movie,how come you’ve already seen so much?”
    have a Happy Sunday!

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