Laid-back Sunday…!!!!

This morning I woke up to a horrible dream, one of my biggest fears was standing right in front of me, I found myself praying in my dream hoping it’s a dream waiting and begging myself to wake up.  True Story. Good thing, I woke up found myself in the comfort of my room, had water and slept again only this time I woke up with a fantastic dream which made me happy enough to ignore the pain caused by dream #1. Crazy I tell you.

So it has been a crazy weekend for me specially Friday night and Saturday because I hardly slept and was having fun. Friday night, as you know, was all about fun. So the plan was to get ice-cream and things to eat from outside, my friend wanted to make pasta. Only problem my boss caught me just when I was about to a make run from office. Yep! That’s what happens in Gotham city you never know when a Superhero is required. So I got late from work and everything was delayed, we had our dinner at 11 and that’s when the night started. Two back to back episodes of Pretty Little Liars and then The Exorcism of Emily Rose. It was all bright day light outside at 6 am when we finished watching things. Now we had two options either to sleep for 2-3 hours before we get up or go for Badminton. Guess what we did? We played. I can’t believe I was still standing up alive playing despite not getting even an hour of sleep.

You know I had great expectations from these last two episodes of PLL but they weren’t that good I mean they did end up with a major twist but I dont buy the twist. The A person is fake, not the real bad guy. Well now I have 2 months of break before the next episode comes, which is good in a way. And the movie was suppose to scare us, didn’t…at least didn’t scared me. Maybe because I was too sleep deprived to actually feel anything, even fear.

Things I learned in last few days:

–          Sleep is good for me

–          I’m obsessed with PLL, beyond hope

–          Subconscious mind is a mean little thing

–          I am a serial song killer, you give me a nice song and I will kill it by putting it on replay mode

Today was a nice and laid-back Sunday, something i craved for. I wanted one day, one day, i would do nothing and today was that day. I woke up big time late, so late that i missed morning rain. i think i woke up when people have their lunch. I changed into a jean and t shirt, brushed, ran fingers through my hair, slipped into my slippers and drove my towards towards nearest Subway. Came home with a Sub and made my special home-made coffee and watched  Megamind. Aaannnd I don’t know why I hadn’t seen it before. It’s so awesome I almost saw it twice. I love animation and who doesn’t like a funny super villain? I loved the bad guy in Night at the Museum 2. He was hilarious and villianish. This guy Megamind is awesome too.

I haven’t been visiting other blogs in past few days and I think it’s time I get out of my lazy-mode. Dammit! Its Monday again. Even though I had a busy but nice Saturday and lazy laid-back Sunday, I feel little scared right now. The flashes of the crazy bad dream make me feel suffocated. I think I need music and I know which song to play.

Voices: Really? Hello? Again?


Voices:  So it’s like the 488th time you are playing this song, right?


Voices: Man! You are crazy. There is something seriously wrong inside your head

Me: what’s your problem? Do one thing talk to the people who live inside my head…Oh! Wait …it’s you 😉 hahahaha




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