Feels like i have been vervained…!!!!

Did someone vervained me or have I ingested a kryptonite? I can’t feel my awesomeness.

I don’t feel good and I have no idea why. Probably its the lack of sleep and exhausting week I have had. Its like I can’t even pretend to act cool and awesome. Today it took every muscle in my body to keep a smile when I was with my friend and her boyfriend. They both look cute together and am happy she found him. Seeing happy couples is always a nice thing, just because I can’t have it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate other people’s happiness.

Right now am so angry at something. Anger is my favorite mode of emotions lately. Maybe because I end up turning-off everything else when am tired.

I wanted to stay in my room tomorrow all day long doing nothing talking to noone, but I’m going to get up go out, watch “To Rome with love” and then get me a haircut.

Having no internet sucks.

Am going to have icecream now and watch some MegRyan or Winona movie. Goodnight World!!

Song – Sober by Pink


2 thoughts on “Feels like i have been vervained…!!!!

  1. I know how you feel about people holding hands, happy for them, but sad for yourself. I feel the same way. I hope you’ll have somebody to hold hands with and that you can, without any worries at all, one day 🙂

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