I miss you ‘Awesome me’…!!!!

It isn’t my week I guess, everything is weird. Well the movie “To Rome, with love” was okay. I think Woody Allen did a great job with his acting talent. I have never seen much of his movies, but after Midnight in Paris I think I have started liking him.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my haircut. Cause the guy who cuts my hair Sikander wasn’t available. I should have taken an appointment, my mistake 😦 . He is good with his work and I rather come back again than get them chopped by someone else. Which means I will have to rush after office tomorrow.

Today my aunt and two of uncles have visited us, which means I will have to spend the night at the couch. Only problem its hot there.

I need 3 things:


New Books to read

New T-shirt (preferably black)

My head is spinning round and round. I need tea. I need bed. I need another weekend.

Tomorrow is a busy day at Gotham city, I know it, and I don’t think I have the stamina to go through it. I have an important task, if I didn’t had it I swear I would have taken a full day or atleast a half day off tomorrow but nevermind.

Glee is coming back this week and I don’t have internet. I hope they fix the issue before Glee comes.

I think I will sleep early tonite. I miss badminton but I guess I will have to wait.

Song for the day – Guitar theme from Midnight in Paris


6 thoughts on “I miss you ‘Awesome me’…!!!!

  1. I hate it when relatives come and occupy my room. Something like that happened with me and I couldn’t sleep the whole night, cursing those innocent(well not so innocent) relatives and thinking about the cool AC air of my room I need. I, nevertheless, missed school the next day. Lol
    Take care. Have a good night! 🙂

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