Found W…seems like my Awesomeness is nearby…!!!!

It rained so much today and its raining again now. I can hear it inside. Its no secret how much I love rain and how it changes my mood. Maybe its the rain but I feel little better today, mood wise.

Good news my internet is back, bad news I still don’t have wifi access. I will try to use my desktop and visit all the blogs tomorrow. I don’t know how much have I missed. My apologies to all.

It was another super busy day with me being away from my seat. I’m not well and I have important task at hand, never mind. Only problem the general manager guy likes his AC super cool and I almost died there. Had to lie to excuse myself and escape. I think I couldn’t even work nicely today.

Its 9/11 here and I couldn’t help but think of all the stories I have read or seen on Nat Geo and History. I really don’t know how I feel about the attack even though I have done a huge research on it. Seen so many shows on it. I fail to understand how does a bad guy sleeps at night. I mean I yell at someone because my temper has gone out of my control and I feel super guilty later on. How can someone so rich, educated and so smart end up destroying so many people. I refuse to believe its a religion thing.
I have very strong views on terrorism and religion. I refuse to blame a religion for 9/11.

When I was in Kashmir, we were sitting at Dal lake and I went to a shop to get us all coffee. The shop owner smiled at me, asked me if I was a tourist, asked me whether I liked the city, told me I should visit in winters because of the snow mountains and gave me most amazing coffee ever with a smile. He is also a muslim, who loves his city loves his work and wants people to come and visit. Fighting in name of religion only hurts.

A bad guy is a bad person, he is a hater and it has nothing to do with religion or caste or color. I don’t believe in hating any religion, if I don’t pray I don’t have the right to hate either. Its not religion, its individuals who refuse to keep humanity above their ideas and theories.

I have been to a temple, a church, a Gurudwara and a mosque. And I don’t pray much. Its never a religion, its how you grow up and how you see world.

Dominique has 9/11 in it. A major chapter.

Its raining outside, I can hear clouds going crazy. I enjoy the noise of rain falling on the shelter, smell of it falling on the ground and the coldness of it in the air. Although I have to admit the thunder outside is little freaky. Snowy is super scared, poor doggie won’t sit peacefully. I think the thunder is scaring him.

My friend is going out of town and I expect a silent weekend. I think I will go get a haircut, buy me something to eat and maybe if possible work on assignment. I can’t believe I’m already missing weekend, its tuesday.

Once a class mate of mine read a story of mine and concluded that every story I write has someone dying in it. I don’t know how she did that because I think I gave her just one. It made me thinking, it was true. Every story I have ever written had a character dying in it. Why? Not sure.

Okay I am talking aimlessly, telling things with no reason. I mean I could just go to bed early but I won’t. I will do nothing but I won’t sleep.

But I think I should. Goodnight world!

Song for today- First Light by Matt Pond PA


One thought on “Found W…seems like my Awesomeness is nearby…!!!!

  1. Any major religion tell us who should live and who should die. Laws defined by God himself, you may interpreted them as you wish. But most of the people just told how to understand the texts, and how to feel about them. In countries where the government is the real enemy of its people, hate is the way to turn the rage of the masses toward imaginary enemy, with the power of religion scriptures. Maybe you wish that every religion man would preaches for love, but there are a lot of those who preaches for blind hate and bloody revenge. You may want that it wouldn’t be like this. But you shouldn’t confuse between your wishes and reality.

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