Psst! Hey Gotham i cant leave you, but dont tell anyone…!!!!

Saw arbitrage, went to subway, broke my retainers, went to Barfi and came back realizing “weekend is over”….!!!! A simple gist of my day. The movie marathon was fun.

Arbitrage was okay, not the kind i would want to see again but Barfi (hindi movie) blew my mind and i want to watch it again. There have been movies that have left me with moist eyes but i rarely let the tears come out but today as we were sitting in the movie hall i found them flowing out without my consent. Am so impressed with the way the main lead have acted.

This movie has similarities to another movie i once saw and cried, but there is a huge difference in the plot, the characters and of course the presentation. I guess a brilliant way to make a concept that has already been (successfully) made.

Okay, not only did i broke my retainers i couldn’t even eat my sub sandwich and now i have a dentist appointment first thing in the morning. Dammit! I don’t like doctors even dentists. Don’t get me wrong i think doctors are awesome people (am team Greys Anatomy) but i guess its me. I’m a super hero who doesn’t like the medical equipments.

So today i wrote a big angry mail and sent it to my mobile service provider which hopefully make them respond back to me.

Monday is standing on the door and i’m trying to tell myself its not going to be that bad. I don’t why i have to lie to myself but isn’t that’s how one goes through the bad weather by believing its not that bad. Today one of my old class mate messaged me, asked me how im doing, said lets catch for a cup of coffee and i said okay cool. But i doubt i will go, because every time this guy meets me he makes me question my job. We started together, he went into a newspaper and i came to Gotham. He, being a friend, keeps telling me to change the job, look for more options, get out of the shell I’m living in. Only problem he doesn’t know im dark and twisted and this shell is not just any shell, its made up of kryptonite and i cant break it. no dude not that easy.

Although maybe i should meet him and say hi. Now why would i do that. He would try to make me see reality and i would end up going sad. But maybe i can steer the topic and we can just talk of good things. Eventually he will ask me why i’m still there, he will say he can try to find me a job and what will i say “sorry for the help, cant take it”. well i can pretend isn’t that what i always do, pretend the job is good and i don’t want to leave. Job is good? really? You think its easy to buy something so lame?. Okay i don’t know, maybe i will maybe i will not go.

Truth is i have an emotional attachment to Gotham for things it gave me. Gotham and i are lovers with love gone bad. there was once a story between us, now we are just unhappy married couple stuck with each-other. Since yesterday i have been missing a friend of mine alot, i wish i could just visit her and spend sometime with her.

Its 1:11 am and raining outside. I think i should go now, i have a Monday to take care of. Good thing about another week, another Glee episode and few more days left for other shows to come back.

I want my bbm, want to watch Barfi again, want one more day off….!!!!

Dear Body,

Sorry for the late night again, but good news tomorrow we start running. Hope it will make you happy.



 P.S Don’t tell this to voices or others, but i like your “You are awesome” tone.


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