Snowy thinks he is SUV…!!!!

Dear Snowy,

I know how sometimes you want to feel like you are the king, the owner of the road you walk on. I also understand the feeling of just walking free and careless on the centre of the road and not on the footpaths and the corner muddy areas. Totally understand why you sometimes get stubborn and wonโ€™t go left or go right, but just walk straight in the middle of an empty road.

But my love, you are not unbreakable and you are definitely not a Hummer or SUV. And i love you too much to let you test your โ€œIm SUVโ€ feeling by walking in middle of the road.



You are love of my life, not a bullet proof Hummer

I know you love to look out when in car & walk in middle of road


8 thoughts on “Snowy thinks he is SUV…!!!!

  1. hey…this is sooo sweet..they all think the same! ๐Ÿ™‚ gorgeous Snowy!
    in December will be one year since I lost my dog..I miss her …but you know..they are with us just for a little while, and they are best friends indeed.
    Hugs and kisses Little!

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