Dear fever, please come back later…maybe, on a weekday…!!!!

It was a total lazy Saturday; I did nothing, nothing at all. But I did something that would make my bed and my body happy, I cleaned the room and I continued my workout regime. So I guess I can say I did something, but now I don’t feel good.

Not as in mood wise, the mood thing is still rockingly weirdly nice and I wonder when and what is going to throw the mood and me down hard. Anyways, it’s the physical thing, I feel feverish and that’s not good because I have a movie planned out tomorrow. I m going Barfi again, the one I saw last Sunday because I wanted my mother to watch this one. So I booked four tickets for the whole family, my mum, dad, me and my brother. Now I don’t want to fall sick on the family outing day because firstly it rarely happens when we all go out for a movie or anything and second falling sick would ruin my Sunday and which would mean I wouldn’t even know when Monday came upon me.

Let’s hope it’s nothing and sleeping would make it go.

So I think I won’t be blogging much today, feel weird.I will just read a page and sleep i think or maybe i will just sleep. A coffee could do good but i don’t have the stamina to make one and everyone else is sleeping so i guess i should do the same. Goodnight world!

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