Hey Body, Little thinks you are awesome too…!!!!

Won’t be able to check other blogs today as I’m blogging via phone, because I don’t have stamina to sit n use laptop. Feel sick like sick sick.

Yes, I made it to the movie. I wouldn’t have given up on it because its like once a blue mood situation. My parents rarely go out for movies or other outings, so if I find a way to make them I do it. I wonder if they liked the movie, I do know my father didn’t.

So last night I turn of the light and try to sleep. I sleep but am awake too. My body is in pain, I feel bad. At 4 am I woke up and went to washroom. A 2minutes trip made me almost faint. Reminded me of that one day in hospital when I could hear my heartbeat out loud.
Anyhow, I don’t think I slept after that. Next thing I know its almost noon and I open my eyes still feeling weak but okay.

I told myself to get up and not give up. My body is awesome it worked well throughout the movie but then, I being me, ordered icetea. Mistake. I start feeling the chill again and next thing I know I could barely sit and watch the movie. Good thing I had already seen it.

I know how badly I wanted the movie to get over. Now am home, in bed, feeling sick. Stupid fever and bodyache. I wonder if am going Gotham tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Hey Body, Little thinks you are awesome too…!!!!

  1. 😦 😦 so sorry! hope you get better soon,is it a cold? drink hot tea and just stay in bed..hope Gotham does not depend on you for a day or 2. You should rest a bit too.
    Hugs! and kisses!

    • nope its not cold..thats the thing..my nose if fine my throat is good..yet i have fever n bodyaches…doc made me give samples for test…though right now i feel better…lot lot better…probably it was nothing just weather change…test reports will come tom…
      one good thing i didnt go to Gotham today…was home.. 🙂

    • yep a little better…still not good though…m eagerly waiting for Grey’s…yest when i was sick and lying infront of TV …there was an old episode from season1 on the TV…it was so much fun to watch an old episode from the era when george n izzie were there… 🙂

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