RIP McSteamy…Dammit! Shonda Rhimes.

Its 2 am in the morning or night, whatever, and I’m hungry and sort of tired from my episode marathon from different shows. 2 episodes of Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee and finally The New Normal. Super tired.

So am I glad I chose Grey’s before Glee and New Normal? You betcha. I was so looking forward to GA but honestly I’m sort of not happy with the episode. No flash back to what happened and more goodbyes. How does Shonda Rhimes sleep at night? I mean she has a perfect show still…Sigh. I drove home all excited but all I got was things I feared. I knew they were going to kill more people, now that Mark is gone I’m afraid so afraid they are going to send away Arizona too. Honestly I love Arizona, she is or maybe was the only happy face among the dark and twisted team of awesome doctors.

And what’s with Glee? Brittany and Sam…Shaking my head. Okay maybe this is where I need a smiley with both hands on sideways.

Anyhow, its weekend and I am happy for that.

There is this thing that sometimes bugs me, all the time I should say, because I often don’t agree to it. Bragging is awesome, I would do if I could but I guess don’t have anything to brag about and never will. Maybe I can brag about my blog or ability to be awesome but again that would mean nothing to normal people. So its bragging that bugs me, not the kind of bragging where one is showing off his/her car, big house, awesome job, amazing partner or love or other things, one basically brags about. It’s the kind of bragging where one talks proudly and in you-don’t-know-what-I’m-talking about tone of a thing that you do know about.

I don’t know I can’t explain you what I’m trying to say. I know what’s wrong, my awesomeness level is down because I’m tired and sleep deprived. This is where I usually look around for a hug and realize it’s not always free.

Dear me,

You are awesome…now repeat after me A.W.E.S.O.M.E…let’s try one more time.


I don’t know if practising like this everyday will actually make me turn into a shining star and fill  my mind with no memories but just a word. Will it? Let’s find out. Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome…phew! I do need to sleep first and then start tomorrow. Goodnight world!



Okay this this crazy now the songs i want to add are showing as just links and no video.. 😦 !!!!

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