I dont want to be a Super Hero…i want to take off the mask…!!!!

Today is one of those days when I end up losing hope like one loses his/her glasses in the room. I feel lonely, empty and hopelessly blue and at one point I heard myself thinking “what’s’ the purpose of happy songs when it’s all a lie?” See now this is sad because when I tell myself everything is a lie I’m totally off the Hope medicine.

I know what’s coming my way, I mean I think I know, but I still pretend I’m awesome and I smile but today I couldn’t. Right now, I feel like someone who has been left stranded in an island with no one around, not a single soul to hear the cry for help. Feels pretty low, pretty damn low. Truth is at one point I found my mind going to the dark door I locked few years ago.

why cant i sing for Marry Jane with my mask off…?

It is just one of those days when Spiderman wants to do nothing but be Peter Parker…No Masks…!!!

Song for the day –

14 thoughts on “I dont want to be a Super Hero…i want to take off the mask…!!!!

  1. And there is nothing wrong in that. Introspection is sometimes necessary for our own sanity and well being, I think. Just don’t open the dark door; let it be locked with the finest of locks imaginable!

  2. You are AWESOME! Don’t ever let anyone tell you anything else!
    The day will come, when you can take off the mask and be yourself completely and you will be happy. Have faith in yourself! 🙂

  3. I feel the same for couple of days already… You are at least keep writing. I’ve started to write, and just abandoned it in two occasions…
    Exactly like in song by “Marina and the Diamonds”: “Living dead”…

  4. Littlemiss – you need some endorphins to perk you up. But don’t worry, you don’t need a prescription, they’re already inside your head, just waiting to be triggered. Put on some music with a good strong rhythm and start to move your feet. Even if you don’t feel like dancing just move your feet. Up and down, sideways, any way you want. Let the rhythm get into your blood. Stamp. Shout. Do anything just keep moving. If you do it long enough and hard enough those endorphins are going to wake up and then you will feel better. Not wonderful but better. There is a reason why superheroes bounce around so much. They know it feels good. Please just try it. -hugs- Meeks

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