a suitcase & some songs…!!!!

If only I could pack

A suitcase and some songs

I would walk to where I belong,

I would sing even if I can’t

Because I will have what I want,

Though it may be a dream

I would still scream

On top of my voice

For living my choice

Even if it’s for a while,

If only I could walk a mile

With a suitcase and some songs

To happiness that felt wrong

To the people with rules

To world that calls people like me fools,

I will dance a little on the road

With nothing to carry, no more load

Of guilt of wishing to be

Nothing but me,

If only I could hitchhike

With a suitcase and some songs

With a smiley face on bike

Singing to the rules “so long”,

For I wish no more

Of the gloom I bore

For I shall smile now

Taking a bow,

If only I could just not think

And believe without a blink

There would come a day

I shall be happy and gay,

With no guilt no wrong

Just a suitcase and some songs…!!!!

P.S – my fascination with the lyrics of Dying Day by Brandi Carlile is the inspiration behind this post…call me crazy. Actually call me twisted that would be more appropriate  🙂

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