Lazy Little has little to say today…!!!!

I have a plan but I will talk about it once I actually go on with it, because I know myself and my ability to escape and quit things. Let’s wait till weekend. O god its Monday tomorrow and not a single cell in my body is looking forward to it. Weekend makes me so lazy and so happy that it just doesn’t feel good to get up and put on the Bat suit.

I did not watch anything today except Kung fu Panda and The incredible, because i was lying in front of TV in my parent’s room and both these movies were playing on two different channels, at same time.  It was a total lazy day, got up late, made breakfast cum lunch and coffee, watched TV all day and then went out for dinner with my friend. Nothing new, nothing much.

Recently i found this book “Not without my daughter” and I think am addicted to it, can’t keep it down. So i think i will spend few minutes on it before I go to bed. Goodnight world!


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