To Monday, Seriously?

So last night I put a status on my BBM “Dear Monday, please be kind…!” and I am in office everything is going smooth, so smooth and it’s almost 430 which meant 2 more hours for Monday to get over and done with. But that’s not how story ends, happy endings on Monday are rare especially when you request for it. Monday likes to mess it up for you because that’s what Mondays are for.

So in same year my car gets banged twice and I’m not sure how to exactly describe the whole scene without laughing at it. I’m standing at the seat of one of my team member giving him some instructions when my manager calls me, I walk with him, he says nothing and is walking downstairs, I follow wondering why the first floor, then he walks out of office and I’m like why outside. That’s when he explains “someone just banged your car while reversing and they were about to run away but sir caught them (Our CEO) as he was there at the time. I am like “Whoa! Did I hear it correctly?”

Well there is the car, totally banged up at the back door, two girls (probably high school or college girls) smiling nervously at each other. Though the girl who was driving called her brother and he promised to pay for the damage and he did, I still can’t believe it happened to me twice in same year at a gap of just few months. Really? I thought Monday was going to be nice to me.

I wonder how sad it would have been if the girls would have actually managed to runaway. I wouldn’t even have known what happened to my back door which is refusing to open now. Lovely Monday!

Im so lucky to have a bike, why do people keep hitting into my car?


2 thoughts on “To Monday, Seriously?

    • I had this feeling about Monday n it came true… Only I didn’t knew it wud end up messing up with my car. 😛 at first I was laughing becoz I cudnt believe it happened… Then I got sad becoz even though it wasn’t my fault my car got damaged…m driving it with dented door for now. Will take it for repair during weekend.

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