When Batman had a question…!!!!

From the moment i got up i started counting seconds and minutes waiting for the day to end, because i could no longer take  Gotham. I  know i need sleep, i need to sleep because my mind is all crazy and messy and all my power to pretend and be awesome dies when i m mentally exhausted.

Huh!…this cant be right. It says there are still 9 hours to go. I think something is wrong with my watch.

10 thoughts on “When Batman had a question…!!!!

      • I’m a bit of a night owl myself, so I know how easy it is to keep doing just a little bit more until suddenly it’s really late. 😦

        The one thing that helps me want to go to bed is the thought of curling up with my kindle and reading. That’s my last ‘treat’ for the day. And if all else fails – hot milk with horlicks or ovaltine really helps! It’s delicious too. 🙂

      • Hot milk with Horlicks sounds good 🙂
        yes i end up doing things here and there not realizing its late 😛
        its like i look up at the clock tell myself “just 30 minutes more” and next thing i know 30 minute turns into 2 hours 😛

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