When Little befriended writing, coffee & music…!!!!

Last night I was in a bad mood like literally bad mood and all I wanted to do was stay in my room and sulk all day long. Sometimes when I get to this point where my mind and heart decide there is no point pretending “Am Awesome”, I go in to hibernation and avoid human interaction.

So I woke up, made myself some breakfast and fell in front of television. Everyone at my place had gone somewhere, my brother was at college and my parents had gone to city. I watched Air Crash Investigation, some News and then decided I needed coffee. While I was making coffee for myself I came up with an idea. I took my cup of coffee to living room, sat on the floor with my laptop on the tiny coffee table and I began writing. I worked on Dominique all day, while taking break in between. I didn’t write much, just few pages, but it felt good because I was doing something I like.

My Saturday was spent writing a story that will never get published or even get read by my friends and of course I watched “Not without my daughter” movie. Truth be told, I’m glad I read the book first. Movies are always lame when compared to the books, because it misses so much. And of course facts are twisted here and there for the convenience of shooting.

I wanted to do some more writing tomorrow but probably I will be out all day with my friend. I wish I could avoid doing it but I can’t.

There is this writing contest http://www.nanowrimo.org/en and I want to be a part of it, it’s more of a challenge where even if you do not complete the task you end up being happy about doing something constructive. But I’m afraid it would mean some amount of dedication every day. If you participate, you have to write a story of 50,000 or more words by the end of November month. One month to write a novel, if you do the maths it means lost of writing everyday starting from 1st November to the last day of the month. I can do that but do I have the dedication, stamina and time? I’m already sleep-deprived and crazy every day.

I also plan to join guitar classes, read few pages every day, blog every day, start my daily workout and all this while spending 9 hours in Gotham doing work I don’t like. How do I fit in time to work on a one month novel? But man if I did end up doing (I don’t care if I win) it would be so awesome. Creating something within a time-frame. So cool. Oh I forgot I also have my stupid assignments that I haven’t touched. O man! Why didn’t someone hit me on head when I was registering for it?

Anyhow, I’m happy write now because despite being in my hibernation mode of “I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to go out and I want to sulk all day long”…I did something nice. I did not waste my day. A cup of coffee and music can do wonders sometimes.

You know all you need is love, but sometimes you have to manage with headphones and some songs…!!!!


10 thoughts on “When Little befriended writing, coffee & music…!!!!

  1. Glad you got to work on Dominique – I can tell it cheered you a bit — getting a bit further on it. 🙂 I tried NaNoWriMo last year and failed in an epic manner….as in, I stopped writing completely on, like day 10. Was thinking about trying it again — guess I’m a glutton for punishment?!

  2. yes yes working on Dominique makes me happy.. 🙂 makes me feel like i can write ..
    im super sure im goin to fail with NaNoWriMo … 🙂 because i have a busy office routine..i come back home at 8 pm … also i don’t have a story….so may be i will not even last 10 days.

    you should try again…Will you try again? curious to know…

    i think i will sign up, start, fail in 2 days and then add it to my list of failures and go back to Dominique 😛

  3. The very best part of nano is not what happens at the end, it isn’t even the satisfaction of having written something in a month, it’s that amazing buzz you get when you upload your writing for the day. Even if you don’t hit your daily quota of words it /still/ feels good. When I did nano back in 2004 I ended up with a story about alien hermaphrodites who are all basically psychopaths. Eight years later and I’m submitting a distant version of that story to a publisher. Whatever happens, I’ve already won and so can you!

    Do it Little, do it!

      • Welcome Little!!!!! A and B are spot on. Once you have those, I suggest trying to think outside the box in terms of story ideas. You can’t actually start writing until November 1st but you can start planning right now. Try and think of something you’re really interested in but wouldn’t normally write about. Nano gives you the freedom to write anything because no one reads what you have written unless you decide to share. That’s one reason I’m going to try my hand at a bit of ‘un-romance’. Definitely outside my normal comfort zone lol!

        Oh! Do you want to put your nano ‘name’ here so we can add you to our buddies list?

      • thankyou Meeka….
        im scared but i guess i will try and see how far i get to go … 🙂
        wish i knew this before..could have used Dominique ,…now i have to find something new…
        so scared yet excited..
        you can add me easily…my handle name is same as my blog name – Little Miss Obsessive’s Anatomy

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