Little’s little mind wont work…!!!!

Okay! its 3 am and i awake trying to come up with a prologue or a story. For past few hours all i have done is write and delete, write and delete.

Have had my mid-night snacking, heard number of songs, came up with so many plots but i’m yet to find something i can put my finger on and say “Alas! i found you”. I am now tired of thinking and not getting any idea, so i have started watching Little Women. O how i love this movie and Winona Ryder. I sort of have a lady crush on her. She plays a character that resembles a modern a woman and she wishes to become a writer. I wish too. in the movie, Winona’s character writes every night and one fine day her story gets rejected and she starts again and sends with no hope. well her story gets published, this and many other things happen.

I don’t know why i end up watching Winona or Meg Ryan movie when i’m stressed. Anyhow, the question is why my mind wont? why cant i come up with a story?

Am i suffering from writer’s block?

Is it because i have Dominique on my mind all the time?

Am i scared of failing in one thing i like? Like chess?

Okay! i dont know. Sometimes im too complicated for my own mind. Truth be told, my own issues are reasons behind my inability to write. Somehow everything i come up with surrounds me which is why i end up deleting the page.

Got to go now, i need to lieΒ  down with my eyes closed and think. Think think think.

Goodnight world!

6 thoughts on “Little’s little mind wont work…!!!!

    • Dear Kathy,
      Please dont thank me…i think you and Sara are wonderful people..its my pleasure to visit your blog… πŸ™‚
      i still feel blocked and its not because i dont have a story…its because im too invested in my current story that im working on… every plot i come up with has shades of Dominique (my current story) im back to having nothing … πŸ˜›
      hope i end up finding something good before 1st nov.. time is running out on me

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