Let’s sing a song, forgetting every right and wrong…!!!!

Today I had a moment where I wanted to quit my job and become a bird watcher or an environmentalist. I wanted to learn all about environment, birds, trees and the green world and do what nature followers do. Not that I’m saying their job is easier than mine, in fact I think it’s too difficult to be them.

Reason I said I wanted to a nature observer was because I wanted to go outside stay in the open feel the air, instead of being stuck in a small depressing cubicle where all I do is put on my headphones to give people sign that I’m busy, whereas I’m just dying inside of nothing.

I often like to take a break and walk up to the window in our washroom to just look outside and feel the sun-rays and greenery of a tiny little tree at the backside of our office. Weird?

I think I know why I’m having trouble fixing me, why it’s different his time. My crazy part and my rational part are sort of in a tug of war and end result I’m fluctuating.

Sunday I did something stupid, something that can be easily described as carelessness. Although the blunder I did was amusing to people with me, I couldn’t find it amusing. All I wanted to do was scream out loud at myself. I was like “What d fck is wrong with you?” It was a classic example of how much I’m lost lately.

Sometimes I wish I was a singer, because singers are awesome people. I mean Avril, Adele, Gaga, Brandi and all those amazing people who live in my phone are like so awesome. I wish I could sing and express everything that I feel. I mean I know I can write but still. Which reminds me i still have no story, I mean I had but I don’t have it anymore. Why? How? Simple, my story that I was very happy to come up with holds so much resemblance to Dominique. Everything I think of is being overshadowed by Dominique. I’m just too invested in it.

Dammit! why couldn’t i be a Super Hero who could sing? MJ would have loved me more.

Voices tell me to quit NaNoWriMo even before it has started, but I’m not giving up even if I end up writing crap I will write everyday till I can. Like I said before if I’m going down, I’m doing it my way.

4 thoughts on “Let’s sing a song, forgetting every right and wrong…!!!!

  1. Small cubicles in offices are the very definition of depressing. That sounds like it really sucks.

    Can you walk to work or back home after? You’re only stuck there for the time you work, for the rest of your time you can do whatever you want. 🙂 Almost.

    I sing all the time, but not around other people. I also have dance parties by myself.

    And me too, I’ve blundered a bit lately. Just ignore the people who found it amusing and go about setting things straight and leaving the blunder in the past.

    Oh, and even if you think you’re writing crap, your readers don’t think it’s crap. That’s why we read it. 🙂

    • i cant walk to home from work but i do simple workouts …i run or jog or play badminton with friends..cheers me up.. 🙂
      wow i too have dance parties..in my room. on my bed..just for me..it is so fun to sing n dance with no one watching 😉 🙂
      i have now come out of the blunder shock..it kinda made me so sad..but now after two days i think i too can laugh on it..

      So happy to see you after so long
      “Oh, and even if you think you’re writing crap, your readers don’t think it’s crap. That’s why we read it. 🙂 ” this made my day..thankyou so much..it means alot… 😀

  2. Hello my friend. Your post reminds me of a gift a friend recently gave me. It is a beautiful little wall hanging with a bird and a quote, “Only you can sing your own song.” I think we all have different ways of singing our own songs and we are all little song birds in our own ways. I think writing is a wonderful version of singing.

    Keep singing your song. 🙂


    • Dear Currie,
      thankyou for the encouraging comment…” I think writing is a wonderful version of singing. ” ..this is so true and so beautiful 🙂
      i can picture the wall hanging 🙂

      often when i listen to a song that gets stuck on my mind i wish i could actually sing it out loud n not make people stare at me 😉 😛

      thankyou for your kind words…means a lot..

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