In my world, i nailed NaNoWrimo…!!!!

I haven’t had a good night sleep for a while now.

Worked on over 25,000 words in two days.

lost 4 words somewhere.

Couldn’t finish NaNo on time.

Clock struck 12 with me at 46,000 words.

But im so freaking happy.

I wrote 500000 words…i would like to count the lost data too.

So i may not have 50,oooo words to upload before 12, but i had actually worked on 50k. Lost one counted in my land. Hi-Five to me…!!!!

Will be back tomorrow, right now im happy, sleep deprived and on verge of falling asleep on my laptop.


Final struggle…One more try…!!!!

2:45 am, sleepy eyes, headphones on my head, as i type and type. Managed 2000 words but now my eyes wont let me see the screen. 900 words more and i cross 30k word count. just 3 days left. no way i can manage 20k more but now im like the fish out of water. struggling hard to get back into the water. I dont know why after giving up and wasting last few days with a white flag, im now back to trying again. i have Gotham tomorrow and its almost 3 in the morning, yet i wont go to bed without 1000 words more.

Im dead tomorrow, so dead. I hate you Little, go sleep, stop trying to kill yourself…i say all that but i wont go. Okay world, crazy me is busy with Jane Doe. See you tomorrow.

P.S Santana is not only my favorite character she is also my favorite singer from Glee



Being a loser is an art too…i hope it is…!!!!

Another night on the couch. I have found another obsession, Gossip girl. You give me a show and I can watch it back to back.

So NaNoWriMo is almost over and I have lost big time. Little disappointed because I could have made it. Feel like a loser. I mean I say I can write and the one thing I can do, I fail that too. Like chess, now I screwed up NaNo. Two things I thought I could do.

Anyhow,I better go now. Thing about winter that I don’t like “getting up and out of cozy warm bed”. 😦

Goodnight world!

where did the weekend go?

Finally I got me a haircut now I can see clearly 😛
My weekend was small with a working saturday, which is why I m all pissed about Monday. Its like I didn’t get to relax and unwind.
Right now am lying on the couch with my headphones and posting through my phone. Usually when we have guests at home, I end up on couch which isn’t bad. My love Snowy too jumps on the couch.
Am sort of worried about leaving him for four days next month, when we go for the wedding. Last night I had another wedding dream. Its like dreams enjoy messing up with my head.
I better go now, have Gotham tomorrow. Another long week ahead of me. Its getting cold now and I have already got a running nose. Sweaters are out.
Am goin to close my eyes now and imagine a happy scenario.
Goodnight world!

even when you look at me, you dont see me…!!!!

Sometimes i miss the person who liked to be the center of attraction. I was once that person, now am just someone who would be happy to sit in the corner and go unnoticed. Life has its own ways of going 180 degrees on us.

I’m stuck up being Kent Clark, cant find the SuperMan in me.

Anyhow, i think im catching cold. Wish i could write a little but at first i wasted time and now i feel sick. I did do one good thing today, i started with exercise thing. Got to go now, will get me the muchhhh neeeded haircut tomorrow and try to work on Jane Doe a little. Well my NaNo is dead but im still working on the story at a slow pace though.

I wish i could get trap in a happy Christmas movie and never get out of it.


Little is thankful for…!!!!

We don’t do thanksgiving in India, but since when did I let religion or country define what I do…so I’m going to tell you about things I’m thankful for.

Yes I know, I’m usually cribbing and crying saying how much messed up I’m but that doesn’t mean I’m not thankful. I cry and go blue because I’m someone who is hurt and can’t talk about it and there is nothing in this whole world anyone can do to fix it. But believe me when I say I am thankful.

Thankful for life, for people I have and even Gotham. I have a family who loves me because they go with tantrums all the time. My mum, dad and my brother find it difficult to understand me but they love me, which is probably why I get sadder. I’m so thankful for them, for the fact that they let me be all kido even when I’m not supposed to be. Having a family is a thing to be thankful for and I’m. I don’t ever show them how much they mean, I take them for granted but they are special to me.

My thankyous extend to so many people; my friends are my life’s biggest support. I’m thankful for friends who know the story and who don’t but still do not care. There are people who are more than friends to me, they are my family, and they are my people and my support system keeping me alive.

Also, I’m thankful for Gotham. I know I know I say a lot of things about how Gotham sucks but its Gotham that makes me an independent grown up. Gotham and I may not have the love we had once between us, I still am thankful for having Gotham. Gotham gave me so many things, Gotham gave me my most awesome person, it gave me reason to make my parents be proud of me, it gave me my first cheque, my car and the respect among people.

And I won’t end up without saying I’m thankful for Snowy. A tiny miny puppy came in to my life and has become everything to me. I take people for granted, he takes me for granted.

Thankful for this blog too!!!!

Thankful for all the good food in the world

Thankful for my coffee

Thankful for the all the ice-creams in the world

Thankful for all the music in the world


Thankful for a home

Thankful for good health


When all else fails, switch on a Meg Ryan movie…!!!!

So how do you smile when everything hurts? you watch a Meg Ryan movie. I wrote few words for Jane Doe and then i watched ‘Addicted to Love’. Meg Ryan makes me smile, she is awesomely awesome. I never get tired of her movies, dont know why.


I think my boss doesn’t like me or currently he is busy making me feel that way. Gotham gets heavy on me specially when my own inside hurts of words i cant say, things i cant explain and fear i cant escape from. I get this crazy idea which scares me and sadly i cant really share it with anyone, not even my bestest friends because it would worry them.

Sometimes i wish i could just stay in my bed all day and someone who would hug me and not let go of me. I hate this phase where all the hopes and smiles are drained because truth wont budge, it wont stop dancing inside me.