my brain works when everyone else’s goes to sleep…!!!

Today I realized something I can’t write or my writer brain doesn’t works during the day or when there are people around.

After missing day 1 and day3 of NaNoWriMo, today I worked on more than 3000 words which aren’t great because as per the flow chart at this rate I will finish my book on 10th December…bloody too slow. Well I can’t even say 3000 was good because I had marked 4000-5000 as my target for today and I failed because I was distracted all day, wasted time here and there. All my output came when the day was almost over. Now so much of writing has made me dizzy and I don’t even know what crap have I written, didn’t even read it again. So tired and numb.

Hopefully I have one more holiday before I report back to Gotham. I can’t keep same target for tomorrow but 3000 like today would be decent. Someday I might post a scene or page from Jane Doe. With Dominique I work scene to scene, sometimes I write the start, sometimes the body or sometimes the end. In fact I worked on major scenes first before I worked on the start of the story. In Jane Doe’s case I started from start but today I also worked on a major scene from the later on part of the story.

I have been using Digital Daggers, soundtrack of Suckerpunch and Adele’s Skyfall for my work along with Greg Laswell. Music helps a lot. But when I’m in my room late at night with everyone else asleep and complete silence, my brain actually works well and fast.

Got to go now, brain fried 😛 …will watch something to relax and then sleep.

Goodnight world!

8 thoughts on “my brain works when everyone else’s goes to sleep…!!!

  1. wow Little! you are working hard! I also was too lazy these years -having a baby-and i’m kind of on the edge with a huge project that I started while pregnant..and now I feel the PANIC!!!!!!!!!!
    I really have to finish by 30 April…so I have to give my best- while I am a nearly single mother..cleaner..washer..shopper..sister..daughter.. woman.. 🙂 and sooo on! Oh well! Life is beautiful!
    wishing You super inspirational days!
    (come by to Europe, maybe your brain works better! 🙂 )

    • wow…Being nearly single mother..cleaner..washer..shopper..sister..daughter.. woman….while working on a project with a deadline is so are a super hero 🙂 …you have already inspired me.. 🙂 Thankyou
      i so hope you wrap up the project before time..
      i still have lots of hard work to do if i want to finish 50,000 word count before nov 30th.. 🙂 but im not quitting..hopefully i will make it…
      Who wouldn’t be inspired by Europe… 🙂 How i wish i could come…maybe someday i will… 😉

  2. Can I report this? For being overproduced? I played better music on picnic point with a head full of ocean and my feet in the tide.

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