World can’t end in 2012…PLL returns Jan 2013…!!!!

2 days and over 5000 words with a total of 7000 plus word count tells me I’m on the right lane, at right speed. Take a breath little, you are doing well. Just hang on to it and you will make it. I worked 2000 some words today, not much but enough for me to catch up with the two days wasted. Graph says I can finish by 28th November by this rate and now I just have to manage up to 1500+ words per day. Of course, I will try more.

But now I have to leave Jane because its Monday tomorrow and I have to be punctual for next one week, as my bosses are away and I am sort of the unofficial boss for a week. Yay? Nah! Suddenly for next week I will be the head of most of the things leaving me with a strange sense of anxiety “what if I screwed up?” But I think I will do okay. So first thing first, have to go to bed little early today.

Two days of writing has totally made my brain go crazy. Truth be told, I’m enjoying the whole pressure, excitement and anxiety of NaNaWri. It’s like now I have something to look forward to everyday. Now I, after a long time, will finish a story and not leave it hanging in middle.

So I worked on Jane, I did crunches in between, I took timely breaks, stayed away from junk, had zero blue moment and watched few epis and a movie too. Overall, an above 8 weekend when rating out of 10. Lovely!

Today while writing I played a song from PLL’s soundtrack and realised how much I miss the show now that it’s on a break. I mean I miss Pll, I miss Grey’s and Glee. But the amount of obsession I have for PLL is too much. I guess I will have to keep calm till January. But what after it gets over and done with whole mystery and seasons? What after A is revealed?

I had same thought about NaNo? I am enjoying the challenge; it makes me feel good about myself. But what when its ends? What after I win or lose and November is over? What about the anxiety and excitement?

Problem with good things is they come to an end, leaving us to find something else. Not that cool.

Anyhow, tomorrow or day after tomorrow I might buy a keypad for my Tab.  I also need a haircut, as I can’t see with all the hair in front of my eyes.

Got to go. Goodnight World!