Even Vicki from Small Wonders felt emotions…!!!!

Lights off…posting from my loyal Blackberry. Loyal cause it has fallen so hard so many times in paste few days, yet alive and working.

My word count for today was 800+. That’s bad. I was distracted by friends who needed my ear. Plus, I can hardly write when under pressure. Need a good long day to cope up with backlog.
My friend asked me if he can read JaneDoe. I said yes. I can’t give Dominique because its sort of has an angle not many people would appreciate. So I don’t want Dominique out. When I write Dominique, am hundred percent me with no walls, no fake attitude or pretending…real me with emotions that I don’t show in reality much.

Its super late and which means bad day tomorrow at work.

Do you tell people you love them or miss them? I don’t. Exception 2-3 people. I have a self imposed distance that I keep from people. Even friends.

Gotta go now. Goodnight world!

Little is scared of lizards…!!!!

Yesterday morning I woke up with dizzy sleepy head. Was like this all day, worked with a headache and finally slept early at 1045 without working on Jane Doe or posting any post. Well you would think this would mean I must have woken up fresh. Wrong, I woke up scared.

I have had dreams all kinds of them. Most of my dreams are about my fears. Happens to all. I have dreamt of falling from somewhere, dreamt of war, getting married, seeing a loved one die, missing my exams, missing my tooth, getting late for office, searching for someone, weird sci-fi dreams and almost everything. But this morning I woke with the creepiest dream of my life. I have a fear of lizards. They scare me. In my dream I was surrounded by them, the house lizards, they were on my bed, on the floor, everywhere. Am freaking out, my brother is cool and walks out of room. I’m like Oh my god Oh my god….so scared. Then they all start to leave. And then I woke up because my mom was screaming from somewhere telling me I’m late.

Weird so creepy n weird. Good part I also remember dreaming a nice dream before the creepy reptile dream.

Man! I missed NaNo last night. Backlog again now. I wish I could not work for November 😉 How cool would that have been. One month just fiction writing.

Anyhow, will have to work tonight hard. Hate lizards.