Something from Jane Doe…!!!!

I am pretty much screwing up my NaNo and life…Usually im sad but right now am angry at everyone. Today and tomorrow are the only days i could save my NaNo because of the kind of month i have ahead of me. I thought will cover a lot today. How much i did? 500. I know right? o fck Little don’t screw up with NaNo please i beg.

I guess now that i have wasted the day and tomorrow i have a busy day with no scope of much writing, im going to make use of rest of my night. A long night ahead of me. Only problem, im in such a bad mood that all i want to do is turn off the lights and cry.

Here is something from Jane Doe:

“Her vitals look fine” I heard someone standing next to me, a man who smelled of aftershave cologne.

“But we will still have to keep her here for another day” he said

“But why is she unconscious?” My dad was there. Was her angry? O God! The Ferrari I could now picture the wreckage.

“Don’t worry Mr Gordon. It’s just the painkillers, she is fine” The man with heavy aftershave cologne walked away. I couldn’t open my eyes but could still hear things around me. My head was still spinning and my eyes were too heavy to open. I was trying to remember the accident but could only see pieces of it, like an incomplete DVD that gets stuck in between scenes.

“Sweet dreams pumpkin” My dad kissed my forehead. I was relieved he wasn’t angry; I was relieved he called me “Pumpkin”. He always called me Pumpkin even in front of my friends and I would always tell him to stop doing that. The painkiller made me groggy. Suddenly I was back to the day I smiled for the last time.

“Dad, stop it. I’m a grown up now” I was packing my bag

“Complaint much” Lily laughed

“Watch it Sugar” I laughed.

Even in state of semi consciousness I wanted to scream and cry. I was pretty sure the universe was trying to have fun with me. Why couldn’t I just die? Why didn’t I fall into the water? The question brought back the accident and I realised why I didn’t fall. Who was she? Was she okay? With thousand of questions in my head I slept again for what seemed like an eternity.

“You can’t just do this to him?” I woke up again to what seemed like a conversation between two women

“Mag he cheated on me” a girl said

“I know” and then silence for a minute

“Well at least she looks better today” the girl, Mag, said

“You think Jane Doe will wake up?” the other girl asked.

“Not sure. Wilkinson said the injuries are serious though.” I realized they were talking about the girl I had accident with. Serious injuries? How serious? I wanted to ask.

“Howard told me. He was in the surgery. Man! I wish I could get in with a surgery with Wilkinson” Mag laughed

“You sure you won’t call him? You know he is sorry” they went back to the conversation they were having before. Tell me more about the girl, I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. At least she was alive and not dead but was she going to be okay? Was she hurt badly? Jane Doe? What did they meant by that? I, again, slept with thousands of questions on my mind.