Dear NaNoWriMo, please dont die on me…!!!!

I wasted the day doing nothing, could have written or gotten me a much needed haircut but I didn’t was too busy pitying myself. Only good thing I did was cleaning my wardrobe and dusting my room. Also helped mum with Diwali lights, candles and wrapping gifts.

I need something nice to snap out of my state of mind, though next 2-3 days are filled with nice things. Yet, I don’t know how to get out of my given-up mood. Everything is so good right now, I’m on a vacation with exception of Monday, its Diwali, world around me is all bright and twinkling with lights…but I can’t smile. At one point a part of me argued with me so hard, begged me to go to city with my brother, get me a haircut and shop a little. But I stood there fixing my wardrobe not wanting to move. It felt like if I moved I would fall into million pieces.

Now, I regret not getting the haircut it’s not easy to go to city with 5 days of Gotham. Dammit! Little why the fck do you have to sulk and waste precious time? My NaNoWriMo is going to die with the pace I’m moving.

Got to go I won’t sleep before I make today’s count more than 1500.

Anybody who believes diamonds are a girl’s best friend…has definitely never met me. Don’t even ask why I said that.