When all else fails, switch on a Meg Ryan movie…!!!!

So how do you smile when everything hurts? you watch a Meg Ryan movie. I wrote few words for Jane Doe and then i watched ‘Addicted to Love’. Meg Ryan makes me smile, she is awesomely awesome. I never get tired of her movies, dont know why.


I think my boss doesn’t like me or currently he is busy making me feel that way. Gotham gets heavy on me specially when my own inside hurts of words i cant say, things i cant explain and fear i cant escape from. I get this crazy idea which scares me and sadly i cant really share it with anyone, not even my bestest friends because it would worry them.

Sometimes i wish i could just stay in my bed all day and someone who would hug me and not let go of me. I hate this phase where all the hopes and smiles are drained because truth wont budge, it wont stop dancing inside me.