When all else fails, switch on a Meg Ryan movie…!!!!

So how do you smile when everything hurts? you watch a Meg Ryan movie. I wrote few words for Jane Doe and then i watched ‘Addicted to Love’. Meg Ryan makes me smile, she is awesomely awesome. I never get tired of her movies, dont know why.


I think my boss doesn’t like me or currently he is busy making me feel that way. Gotham gets heavy on me specially when my own inside hurts of words i cant say, things i cant explain and fear i cant escape from. I get this crazy idea which scares me and sadly i cant really share it with anyone, not even my bestest friends because it would worry them.

Sometimes i wish i could just stay in my bed all day and someone who would hug me and not let go of me. I hate this phase where all the hopes and smiles are drained because truth wont budge, it wont stop dancing inside me.



2 thoughts on “When all else fails, switch on a Meg Ryan movie…!!!!

  1. I agree that Meg Ryan is awesomely awesome!
    Her films have always made me smile, laugh and cry.
    Addicted to Love would definitely make the list of my five favourite Meg movies of all time. I adore Maggie’s hair, her eyes and her clothes, especially the tie-die dress.
    Even if Meg never makes another film, the legacy she’s left will be enough for me.

    P.S. I hope your boss at Gotham takes it easy on you this week:)

    • I think Meg falls under classic…you are so right she has left a legacy…we may have good movies and good actresses but Meg Ryan is an era no one can match..
      i know loved her tie-die dress and her smile, her eyes, her hair…She is magical and i cant ever get enough of her movies….

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