where did the weekend go?

Finally I got me a haircut now I can see clearly 😛
My weekend was small with a working saturday, which is why I m all pissed about Monday. Its like I didn’t get to relax and unwind.
Right now am lying on the couch with my headphones and posting through my phone. Usually when we have guests at home, I end up on couch which isn’t bad. My love Snowy too jumps on the couch.
Am sort of worried about leaving him for four days next month, when we go for the wedding. Last night I had another wedding dream. Its like dreams enjoy messing up with my head.
I better go now, have Gotham tomorrow. Another long week ahead of me. Its getting cold now and I have already got a running nose. Sweaters are out.
Am goin to close my eyes now and imagine a happy scenario.
Goodnight world!


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