Final struggle…One more try…!!!!

2:45 am, sleepy eyes, headphones on my head, as i type and type. Managed 2000 words but now my eyes wont let me see the screen. 900 words more and i cross 30k word count. just 3 days left. no way i can manage 20k more but now im like the fish out of water. struggling hard to get back into the water. I dont know why after giving up and wasting last few days with a white flag, im now back to trying again. i have Gotham tomorrow and its almost 3 in the morning, yet i wont go to bed without 1000 words more.

Im dead tomorrow, so dead. I hate you Little, go sleep, stop trying to kill yourself…i say all that but i wont go. Okay world, crazy me is busy with Jane Doe. See you tomorrow.

P.S Santana is not only my favorite character she is also my favorite singer from Glee