Bravo little…!!!!

Voices: you know we take it all back
Me: excuse me?
Voices: all those words that you can’t do anything…we were so wrong
Voices: you are so dedicated and committed
Me: okay! You lost me at ‘dedicated’
Voices: right? Feels weird to say that but Bravo little…
Me: for what?
Voices: because you are doing so good and you will definitely die soon
Me: WHAaat?
Voices: oh! Weren’t you trying to kill yourself? cause if you are, you are definitely doing a good job
Me: Nooo am not doing any such thing
Voices: (thinking) Oh! Right. Hmmm…
Me: what is that suppose to mean?
Voices: nothing its just…if you are not trying to kill yourself then why the fck are you up till 3am every night?


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