Wish we had a Super Hero…a real one!!!!

Sometimes I really wish I was a Super Hero, like with powers and all…I wish I was a person who could actually fly, face bullets, kick bad guys and like save the world. No, not because I think that would make me cool and people will actually never leave me. It’s because world is a crazy place and we need a super hero…someone who would fix it all.

Yesterday only I was trying to wonder what happened to the guy who open fired in Oregon Mall and this morning I saw the Connecticut school news. I understand the urge to kill self but to kill others…how could anyone do that?  Those 20 kids they didn’t just die, their families lost everything. I know I don’t even know them but I do know losing a loved one is the biggest pain in the world, everything else comes after. I have been trying to wonder what on earth has happened to people…people who can pick a gun and fire.

It’s not just the open fire shootings but everything…terrorist attacks, nations throwing bombs at each other…someone killing someone for revenge or whatever crap reason they feel is enough to do so. Taking life of a person is a big thing…how can anyone ever sleep after that?

I don’t know if world is ending on 21 dec but I do know world needs a savoir a real super hero. Only problem, a guy flying around kicking bad guy assess…it’s nothing but a comic book story and fiction is like some dreams…can never ever come true.

Every time I read or watch a war documentary or a World war story…I don’t just feel for the people who died for no reason…the innocent lot I also get sad to know about the bad guys who died. Call me crazy but I think the enemy soldiers who lost their life too had families. If I die tomorrow…it may not mean anything to you because we never met but my dying would affect people around me who love me. When a soldier dies in war even if he is from the other country, you must know that somewhere behind the uniform and gun strap was somebody’s loved one.

I think I’m just crazy but I wish we all never had to ever hear about any war, any horrible gunman firing, any sad stories or rape or murders and anything that was a result of a death of someone by another person knowingly or unknowingly.

I got to go now, my head hurts. While I condemn the world where a person tries to hurt another one I myself am trying to kill myself by not sleeping.

There are two things…actually three things that I need to work upon seriously. I need to fix my sleepless nights, I need to start workout and have to go back to reading. Funny thing I have good books with me yet I don’t read and I m so sleepy every night yet I wont sleep.

P.S – Glee is trying to screw up with my list of shows i love to love…its trying to make not like it.

4 thoughts on “Wish we had a Super Hero…a real one!!!!

  1. The human race is a mixed bag Little. Each and every one of us has a mix of good and bad. Sometimes the good comes out on top, and sometimes the bad. That will never change because we can’t seem to help ourselves. I believe this is where governments /should/ step in and become the better part of us, making good laws to protect everyone. Instead it’s often governments who are the greatest monsters. They start wars for terrible reasons and force millions of innocent people to die.

    I don’t know what the answer is except that all of us little people have to do our little bit to make things better.

    Goodnight. 🙂

    • i know most of the time its the government policies…but i also cant help but think of the human part…
      Meeka the stories we hear about people hurting others is just so sad…yest there was a news of a young girl being raped by 4 men who then hit her badly and now she is in hospital battling for her life…what drives people to lose their humanity? i wish i had an answer…
      the Batman movie shootout was equally sad…some crazy lunatic decides to play Joker and open fire at everyone…there were young couples, teenagers in that cinema hall..
      Sandy Hook is just another reminder of how we as human lose our humanity… 😦

      • I know a lot of these killers are mad and yet, don’t the movies and media generally feed the thirst for violence? And have you noticed that their tactics [the killers] are straight out of the terrorist handbook. Go to places where normal people congregate and feel safe and then, bang, shoot them when they least expect it. Movie theatres, schools, shopping malls. These are all supposedly safe, public spaces. 😦

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