I dont know if the world is ending or our humanity is…!!!!

For past 2 days I have been reading a lot about the Delhi rape case and at first I was just too sad,  but after what I read today I feel scared.  My sadness turned into fear because it’s just too horrible to be true but it is.

The victim, a 23 year old girl, was not only gang raped but was beaten with rods and thrown from a  moving bus with her male friend. Today doctors have removed her intestines and closed her up and are now just waiting for some improvements in her vitals before they can think of any more action. I am cribbing that my stomach is stupid it hardly digest things and hurts etc etc…and now I read about a young girl who has no intestines because some men decided to have fun with life, they decided to turn into animals and just kill every cell of humanity, if they even had any, inside them.

So when I went to buy something for my friend, who is sick and asked me to get her something to eat, I was looking back at my shoulders, I was for the first time locking my car doors which I never do or did. The city I live in is surrounded by educated people but then it seems people have started to lose humanity like their cheap gel pens which they forget and never bother to look for. Then I told myself I was being paranoid and that I need to breathe.

Few years ago something happened and this incident reminded me of that day. It was first day of my Mass Com diploma classes and being the evening classes I got free late. It was dark and I was walking on the road looking for means of public transport because back then I didn’t had a car and my scooter was often shared by my brother and me, and he had it with him that evening. So I’m walking and this car drives by slowly and stops in front of me, I continued walking and didn’t bother much, then the car slowly starts moving along with me me and I panicked. I knew in no time anyone from inside the car would come out and pull me in. I panicked I looked around and to my surprise a bus was coming towards, I ran towards it and got on board, paid the ticket with shivering hands and swallowed my tears because I was too shaken up.

I went home and started throwing tantrums about how inconvenient it is to commute without a scooter and that I m no longer sharing it with my brother. I didn’t tell them why I was being an ass and fighting with them for scooter that was needed to be shared on some days. Because parents get scared and worried and I was just 20 or 21 year old.

Today for some reason I can’t help but think about that day and wonder what this girl must have gone through. I think there is only one person who knows about that day of my life.

Its just whether its Sandy Hook shootout or this rape, i cant help but feel that people are losing humanity.



6 thoughts on “I dont know if the world is ending or our humanity is…!!!!

  1. For every animal out there, you can find examples of angels. Many of the teachers who died in Sandy Hook might have lived except they didn’t protect themselves, they protected the children in their care. Those are the angels who prove that our humanity is not lost.

    Tell your parents about that incident Little. Why keep it a secret? Let it out and then let the fear go. Life is too short and too uncertain to waste even a moment of it on fear. -hugs-

    • I think you are right even in face of bad times we end up with angels…those teachers were more than angels… they did something way beyond they were ever born to do… acts like theirs give some hope that maybe there is still good alive…
      this rape news has just made me so angry…so upset…how is the girl suppose to live now witht those memories, no intestines, hundreds of tubes attached to her and what not…all i want is that she survives this critical phase of her treatment…

      i wasnt even out of the sadness of hearing about young 6 years old dying and then this news…

      • I don’t believe in the end-of-the-world scenario that’s meant to happen today but, if I did, perhaps it would just be the end of the shitty world AS WE KNOW IT. Now that could mean something incredibly good as well as incredibly bad. Don’t you think?

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