Letter to Jane Doe….!!!!

Dear Jane,

I know I haven’t been visiting you much; in fact I hardly visit you now. I’m sorry if it feels like I have abandoned you but believe it me its not true. You and I became close so close that at one point I stopped doing everything but be with you, write about you, think of you and take care of you. It was a good time but it doesn’t mean it’s over, it doesn’t mean you don’t mean anything now. In fact it’s the opposite, writing you was the next best thing to writing Dominique.

Maybe it’s this reason that, I love you both, I am afraid to work on you or Dominique. I don’t know if it’s my fear of finishing you up and saying goodbye or if it’s my inability to actually finish anything at all, but please know you mean a lot to me. Give me some time and I promise I will visit soon, visit for longer than I do and work on you. I will come again and this time I won’t just right click open, stare at you and close you back.

You make me who I’m, a writer.  Thank you for that.