Meg Meg Meg….!!!!

So as you know I’m a sleep deprived monster who can turn into hulk or crying baby anytime, thus i have decided to call it a night. But before i go let me tell you how awesome the day was, first i get to meet one of my best friends after along time and i get a collection of all….wait for it….MEG RYAN movies.



Yes, you heard it right she burned 5-6 DVDs for me with all the Meg Ryan movies and now i have them all in my possession. Im rich with Meg Movies. Like super rich, even the ones i haven’t seen are with me now. My friend knows me; she knows how happy this collection makes me. I miss her alot sometimes, we go way back to our teens when we were crazy school kids. She is one of those people i worry about.

Even as i try to write my eyes refuses to stay open, so i better go now. Goodnight World!

I have a question before i go…Is it sad if you fall in love with fictional characters?

7 thoughts on “Meg Meg Meg….!!!!

  1. You’re friend is awesome, I wish someone would give me a gift like that.
    You know you’re going to have to let me know your opinion on every new-to-you Meg Ryan film, as and when you watch it.

    Have a nice sleep, and no it definitely isn’t sad to fall in love with fictional characters.

    • thankyou Paul because i am in love with so many fictional characters that i thought i was crazy 😉 haha

      am definitely going to give you review son the unseen meg movies… but i think i will start with one i have already watch courage under fire…its one movie i find hard to watch…i makes me cry but its been long since i have seen it…have you seen it? its so different from usual Meg movies…

  2. falling in love with a fictional character… ah! well, it is fine, I guess. my case is a little peculiar- I don’t fall in love with the fictional characters, but rather with their lives.. 🙂

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