my writer brain cells plead guilty, your honor…!!!!

Its 2 am and im screwed because i have Gotham tomorrow. I was little low so i thought i wont blog. Im almost ready to sleep but then i found a song on Youtube, next thing i know i did what i was dreading. I wrote a chapter of Dominique. I know i know i wasn’t suppose to, i have Jane Doe but the song made me do it. Blame the song.

1,729 words and now my mood is happy again. I know im trying to kill myself and fry my brain but hey i wrote frkng 1700+ words of Dominique and that too a major chapter with a scene between Dominique and Kristine. That is awesome! Hi-five to my writer brain cells. Dude! you rock.

Okay so im exhausted, i am not sure how to keep myself awake tomorrow. But im dancing in my head right now!

Goodnight world!

P.S this is the song to blame for my 1,700+ words of Dominique