my frequency of yawning can make Sleeping beauty jealous…!!!!

There is a fine line between silliness and self destruction and i end up crossing it. Anyhow i have decided to create a list of things i need to do and if i do i can reward myself with something i saw in the market today.

1- Sleep by 1230 everyday

2- workout routine again

3- Play a game of chess everyday

4- Start reading again

5- Reach office before 10 (i cant make this happen dont knwo why)

6- Finish Jane Doe soon

The reason why im so worried about my lack of sleep is because 0f what happened last week…


ME– I want to have hot water

(so i decided to take the glass to office kitchen)


ME (ignorning)


ME (ignorning)

VOICES – Hellooooo

ME– what do you want? i dont want lectures

VOICES – where are you going?

ME – kitchen i need to warm my water

VOICES -And how the hell are you planning to do that?

ME (realizing i left my glass at my seat and i was walking empty handed)

VOICES– So wassup? 😉

ME (Rolling eyes)

this is how my work station looks to me nowadays...!!

this is how my work station looks to me nowadays…!!


ME (standing in a meeting room)

PROJECT MANAGER: Blah blah blah

ME -Its so cold here

MYSELF -I know super cold

ME -You known i can actually take a nap in this table. How i wish i could?


ME– What?

MYSELF – I think he just took your name

PROJECT MANAGER– Blah blah LITTLE blah blah

ME– Whoa! he took my name

ME– why is taking my name?

ME– Is he looking at me?

MYSELF – Act normal, nod, smile, blink…that’s good

ME – He just took my name again

ME (Looking around to find a friendly face i could later on ask what the hell i missed)

MYSELF – I know what you are thinking

ME– Mental high-five

True Story! Infact story number 3 my boss caught me napping with my head down on my keyboard…good thing he doesn’t say much.


Goodnight world!


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