One thing that icecream taught me…there is no win-win!!!!

I miss my laptop but not having access to all the episodes and movies means I can go back to reading. Good thing I m back to exercise routine.

I don’t feel good right now, part of it is because I am sleepy. This morning I woke up happy, drove to office with a happy song and suddenly I heard the voices in my head saying don’t be too happy Little. Truth is everytime when I’m in a jolly mood for no reason I get scared.

Anyhow, I feel like crap right now. It was a pretty decent day still I feel that way. I really want to hear Jodie Foster’s speech. I think she is a rockstar.

So, I think I’m going to be very sad when Castle is over. And PLL. Which reminds me how I’m waiting for Glee. Why do I wait for these shows? Why Beckett or McDreamy feel like real people to me?

You know what I need? Coffee. Though i just had a cup of chocolate icecream. I don’t want all that calories, I mean that’s why I’m workingout but I also want to be in a happy mood. There is no win-win.

So, I was sad almost in tears and I start watching Castle. Few back to back episodes made me so numb and tired, not only I’m sleepy and yawning I also don’t feel anymore sadness or any other kind of emotions. I’m blank. Though I do feel one thing, hunger. I am hungry and my mind for some reason is trying to think of nice stuff to eat.

I got to go now, its 2am and as usual I’m dreading a super sleepy day tomorrow at Gotham.
Sad thing chocolate icecream is failing me, as its effect vapors away so quickly.

Dear Dawn,

We might never meet, but I will never stop looking for you.


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