You gotta do what you gotta do…!!!!

i could quote a thousand words to tell you how i feel but it aint going to make any difference. Monday was fine except the headache that made me want to kill myself for not sleeping on time. But i cant just sleep on time, stop doing things i like doing or else there is no way to get through. You got to do what you got do.

Good news im typing from my laptop. Yay! and i now i can go back to all the posts that i missed on to.

Its late and i should sleep but i will read a little because i want to finish this book. I have been leaving things in between books, stories and what not which is making me kinda angry with myself.

Tomorrow i will try to upload a page from Jane Doe or Dominqiue. I’m dying to have a two day weekend or longer so i can just write. I dont want to go out, stay inside and write. Its 12:55 am and i feel like having a donut.

Goodnight world!