Not everyday…!!!!

not a soul
who knows
the pain
i go through again
& again
some nights
i fight
and then some
i lose
hugging myself
there is no word
i havent spoken
to make myself someone
im not
who doesnt hurt
i carry a heart
so broken and hurt
i see everyone
looking at me
i see noone
looking at the
blues i wear
darkness i stear
finding myself on the
other side
i have cried
every now and then
wondering if and when
it wont hurt, no more
i wont feel empty anymore
today i just cant walk
voices wont talk
fallen little too harder
i cant go any further
so i lie here
telling myself
its okay to fall
its okay to bleed
its okay to stop
not everyday
you can pretend
not everyday
you can fool
not everyday
not everyday…!!!!