Being sunshine is exhausting…!!!!

Being happy and all sunshine all day is exhausting specially when its me. Now im all tired and i wonder what got into me, i can still feel a sense of adrenaline inside. What happened to you Little, you were so sparkling today?

Weather wont let me play in morning but its okay because i did some exercise in evening.

Have to shut down my hyper mind right now. Goodnight world!



And that’s how you go through a Monday!!!!

Okay! I’m loving it. The rain, the excitement of going home and doing editing on Jane Doe. But so much of happiness scares me too.

I mean I actually woke up to a Monday morning, where I driving while singing in my car as I enjoyed the rain.

Voices: you are freaking us today
Me: La La La La
Voices: This is not good
Me: La La La La

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