a little love and sleep is what Little needs…!!!!

“I know darkness pulls on you

But it’s just a point of view

And when you are outside looking in

You belong to someone”

These are lines from Brandi Carlile’s song ‘Looking out’ and I often wonder if someone will ever say it to me, because maybe I do belong to someone. I just wrote a very angry post and deleted it because I don’t like myself when  I’m angry. I am a sad person but sometimes my blues make me hulk, in fact most of the time I go blue and then green. I don’t like people with temper and in last few years I have become one of them. I totally dislike being the green guy.

I have to go because I have to sleep and fix myself. I miss some people in my life.


I wanted to upload only one song  but while searching for this Glee song i found this one too and i love them both. The second one  makes me smile, O I love Glee, so im uploading this one too. And i dont like Bram…if you watch Glee you know what i mean.


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