My head is nothing, but a fine example of a scrambled egg…!!!!

Today is Rose day I think, I mean I have been told so by two guys who wished me though messengers of course. I know normally a girl would gloat but I’m not sure I am on cloud 9 for being wished Rose day by two guys. No no, I did like it. It made me smile knowing that maybe someone has a crush on me, its human to feel good knowing someone likes you but for me it stops right there.

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for wishing me. Made me smile but sorry I’m not into you or anyone.


Worst letter ever, I’m glad they won’t get to read this. See problem is I’m all romantic, all mushy mushy and I love so many things I won’t even acknowledge I do, in front of my friends, but bottom line is I’m not available.

I was watching Gossip Girl and what Blair and Chuck had made me wonder how even twisted people can find true love. I know its fiction but hey it’s not that unreal too, even crazy people have love in their life in real world.

I have had enough coffee and donut for today so I think I should shut down the voices begging for more. My entire workout is waste because I can’t let go of the junk food.

Good thing its Friday and that means just 9 more hours to survive before I can have two days of peace. Every morning when I’m sitting in front of my computer with tired, exhausted and sleepy eyes I wonder when the day would get over and when I would get to work on Jane Doe, but every evening I walk home with a dead brain and zero level of energy. The circle goes on.

I wish I could just throw away my headphones and laptop and just spend all my time reading but I can’t let go of music. It’s the new coffee for me. While they say denial isn’t good I say it’s the only thing keeping me alive.

Goodnight world!


3 thoughts on “My head is nothing, but a fine example of a scrambled egg…!!!!

  1. I’ve been friends with a guy online for about 10 years and for most of that time he was miserable because he couldn’t find anyone to love. He started working on other parts of his life, built up his self confidence generally and bang, he found someone and now they’re really happy. It does happen Little. 🙂

    • Meeka i really wish to find someone but my story is kind of different, even i do fall in love it would be a sad thing. someday i will explain just cant do it here.
      but wouldn’t it be cool if i can actually fall in love and live happily ever after ? 🙂
      right now if i can just do what you did focus on my writing…that would give me peace..

      • I know this is going to sound a little odd but being a writer is sort of like being an athlete, you have to look after your body so you can perform at your peak. Sleep is one thing a writer needs more than most, imho. When the brain is rested it can perform miracles. 🙂

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