How hard is it to get a hug?

I dont know why im crying, probably my mind is exhausted and it just needs some rest. I also want to blame it on the insomnia, sleep deprivation and work pressure.

It was a super super tiring day at Gotham. I think for past 2-3 weeks everything is so tiring and exhausting.

I cant stop missing friends, happy days and snowy. Im ok, i just need to lie down close my eyes and fall dead till morning with no midnight awaking or no dreams. Am so exhausted that even the thought of waking up to a Friday isn’t making me smile. How i wish i could hug someone right now? I cant even hug Snowy and irritate him like i used to do. I miss him so badly.

I need two things, Dark chocolate icecream and good night sleep. Will try to sleep now hopefully i will fall asleep and as for the icecream, i know what’s my agenda for tomorrow…a trip to Baskin and Robins.

I miss my friends too…

Good Night World…!!!!

P.S I bought a new phone. Will upload picture tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “How hard is it to get a hug?

  1. Little you have to do something! I hate suggesting sleeping pills of any sort but you’re doing yourself damage at the moment. If you won’t take a pill, and I understand that completely, then try hot milk with say ovaltine or horlicks before bed. Or a kitten.:) Something small that needs your care but won’t remind you of Snowy. And here’s a BIG HUG from me. 🙂

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