Am blue…am green…!!!!

Today am angry and bitter…so i want to stay away from words. Anger should always be dealt with silence, saves you from regret of things you say or do later on. In my case silence helps me cool faster for i know all my anger is only my helplessness.

Am all green monster today because i want someone to ask me what’s wrong.

I want to be a happy person. I cant so i end up being angry on the world for not seeing me.

I think i need a haircut. I do.
Tonight i shall read, since am on silent mode.

Goodnight world!!

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5 thoughts on “Am blue…am green…!!!!

  1. The world is a very big place Little. There is always somewhere in it that will allow you to be yourself. But you may have to give up the corner of the world in which you are at the moment to find it. One day something will happen and you’ll be like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalid. It will happen. Don’t give up hope.

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