I wish I had icecream in my fridge…would have gone out but its 430 am!!!!

Today was an exhausting day and at one point I wanted to run out of my office. But then something nice happened in the evening, I played the most amazing scrabble of my life by scoring 153 in one single word by using two Triple Word boxes and one Triple letter box. I made Delaying and nailed it. My second amazing word was Axing with 63 score.

Truth is I am sad but a small game made me forget things for a while. Its 4 something in the morning, everyone is asleep. I have watched episodes, cried a little and now wondering what else to do. Something inside me is yelling at me to sleep since im on verge of killing my brain cells. But then I dont want to sleep cause that means waking up and going through a long day of prefending to be awesome.
Im not awesome in not okay. Im sad, depressed and I need a day off from my blues. Anyhow, it wont happen so I better sleep.

Before I go, I want to say I love Greys and it would hurt me when the show gets over. Same goes for Glee.
Hope Arizona (I think she is awesome, sunshine and the most happiest person on the show) doesnt end up doing something stupid and I love the fact that finally Karev has a relationship that looks happy and promising.
All I want is a happy ending for the show…if I cant get it atleast i can ask for it in a show.

Goodnight world…!!!!

P.S Dedicating Molly Smile to everyone.
P.S 2 This is the third time I wasted a good Q worth 10 points in my game cause I didnt get a U. Anyone knows a word that starts with Q but doesnt need a U…?

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3 thoughts on “I wish I had icecream in my fridge…would have gone out but its 430 am!!!!

  1. 152 ? That is an awesome play and absolutely worthy of ice-cream!

    played “qat” once… it’s a narcotic weed chewed in the middle-east

    when you are ready, it’s ok to talk to someone about your sadness.

    • hahaha yes it was like the best game ever… šŸ™‚ made my day…i had a horrible day at work but the word made it all ok… šŸ™‚ QAT …thankyou…its really crazy how i have been getting Q for last 3-4 games but m not able to use it…

  2. Qi – is life-force — that which animates the forms of the world.
    Wish I could share my ice cream with you. Sorry you are feeling so blue. Thanks for visiting my blog, but i’m afraid my writing will only make you sadder. Know that people in the blogosphere admire you…hope that helps.

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