Somebody told my boss that superheroes cant die…now he is testing the theory on me!!!!

Two most busiest days in my office life with today being the worst. At the end of the day im exhausted, tired and numb. I sit in my car and try to look for a song to plat enroute to my place, when my friend who can see me all exhausted asked me how am I even managing a straight okay face. He said if it was he would have cribbed and made fuss about the day.

This made me wonder why wasnt I making any fuss. I mean I m so so tired,eveything hurts, but I dont see myself troubled over the workload. Why?

Then I thought about it and realised why the busy days arent bothering me. I need to stay busy, super busy and lost in work. Because of my mental state. My mind is wavering and is struggling and not is not in a good place, so the more l work the less I think.

Or maybe m not worried because am a superhero…remember?

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