I remember my first day at Kindergarten vividly, our Class Teacher Mrs. Garbriel giving us instructions on how to behave in the class, before we started with our first ever activity at school. These instructions were, “ask for permission before leaving the class”, “be in a queue”, “talk softly”, “share your toys and crayons”, “follow rules” etc.  Though at the age of 4 this word was not a part of my repertoire but now I know she was teaching us basic Mannerism. Even before joining the school, our parents had taught us the usage of words like ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Excuse Me’, ‘Sorry’ to exhibit good Mannerism.  Further, I remember there were special instructions for boys – Ladies First, Open Doors for Ladies, Pull Chairs, to respect them is every man’s duty and being physically stronger – he should always help them and protect them. Most of…

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