A whole day without a song, no doubt am feeling dizzy…!!!!!

I once went up to a family, having lunch in a restaurant, and asked them if the car parked outside with a dog in it is theirs, when they said yes i asked them to roll down the windows a little bit so poor dog can breath. Yes i did that. It was long time ago and though i was pretty sure they might go all crazy about minding my own business, i still went straight to them.

I once scolded a kid who throwing stones on a dog, even though his grandfather was nearby and i knew he would yell and run to him which he did.

I don’t know why am telling all this, but truth is i don’t like people who are mean to dogs.

Okay so it was a very very very tiring and exhausting day, i hardly got time for thinking and worst i didn’t listen to even a single song till 745 in evening. From 10 to 745 i was working and working. Almost died by the time i got out of Gotham. First thing that i did was get into my car and play Demi Lovato on loud volume, it hit me like a drug and i felt alive. I said no to temptation of junk food and coffee and came home to do a 15 minutes of rope skipping.

Every single bone in my body is begging to sleep and maybe i will. A Brazilian intern had come for a day and i worked with her all day long, only break i took was a 30 minutes of KFC lunch trip.

Man! i feel weird right now. Exhausted and drained out.

Will be back tomorrow.

Goodnight world!

P.S Dont tell anyone a busy day doesn’t scares me its the slow boring day, when i have all the time in the world to indulge in self pity.



7 thoughts on “A whole day without a song, no doubt am feeling dizzy…!!!!!

    • Its just people who cant be nice to dogs can never be nice to anyone..right…i dont want people to keep dogs,i just want to not be mean to the ones they see on road or they have at their houses… yest i heard a dog howling in sad tone ..somewhere from nearby apartments..i think the owners were not at home..i felt so bad…

      • We did pit-bull rescue, where we fostered some dogs until they got their forever home. It breaks my heart sometimes to see what people have done to these poor animals.

        It turned out, we got more from this than our doggie guests.

        if we could all only love like a dog, or at least wag our tails 🙂

    • Meeka i cant see a dog or animal get hurt… i once accidentally hit a bird ..who was flying too low and came right infront of my scooter…i cried because the bird got hurt..and even though it was an accident i felt horrible… i wonder how can people harm animals knowingly…

      • I don’t know Little. But I do know that I choose my friends on the basis of how they treat animals. I’m just not interested in people without empathy and compassion.

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