My heart is busy being the drama queen…!!!!!

For how long can you stare at half written pages of a story you once wanted to work on but cant anymore? I blame bad music, bad room lighting, uninspiring view of closed walls but truth is it’s just me and my mind. It’s not a writer’s block it’s a writer’s inability to be one because the heart is hurting and is adamant about giving up.

Sometimes my heart can be such a dram a queen.

If only there was a gadget for hugs, a machine with pre-programmed hugs for all kind of moods. Press a button and get the happy hug, the comforting hug, the its-okay-hug, the you-are-loved-hug, the you-are-awesome hug, etc etc.

Got to go. Goodnight world!


9 thoughts on “My heart is busy being the drama queen…!!!!!

  1. It would be amazing if we can have that hug machine. But don’t worry, don’t be hard on yourself. Just wait… and you will be inspired to continue writing.
    What about the fate of Jane Doe? Have you sent it to another publisher?
    You know it would be better if you self-publish it as an e-book and then, you can further release it as a paperback also. Think about it.
    Good morning! Its 04:20 a.m. now.

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